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The hydrating agent of our skin

The hydrating agent of our skin

INCI: HYALURONIC ACID, SODIUM HYALURONATE, Hyaluronzuur, Acidum Hyaluronicum, Hyaloronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a bodily, softening compound, which by it’s ability to bind water parts in your skin layers, is particularly useful as a component of skin care products. It nourishes the skin, neutralizes free radicals and positively influences the skin’s abililty to regenerate.

The natural amount of hyalorunic acid in the skin decreases over the course of life and can be supplemented by cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid.

The long-chain hyaluronic acid can effectively bind moisturising parts in the upper skin layer and immediately provide a filling effect on your skin. The thightened and smooth result is visible shortly after you use the product.

Unlike the short-chain hyaluronic acid, that penetrates the upper skin layer and affects the internal moisturising balance of your skin in the long run, the long-chain hyaluronic acid provides the opposite effect. Regular use will result in a long-term moisturised effect, the skin becomes so hydrated and looks very firm and youthful.

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