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Exclusive, innovative and sophisticated

Thopise is the pride and joy of Thomas Peters (26), a young Belgian entrepreneur who already has some years of experience in the world of cosmetics and skincare, thanks to a good friend of him.

However, Thomas was not interested in the wholesale distribution, where everything revolves around price pressure, but more in an exclusive product line.

Not the price but excellent quality is important.

Starting from this idea, he found the ‘Thopise’ concept:

qualitative, exclusive skincare products that are also affordable.

Currently, there is only one product line called ‘Sensing Youth’. As the line’s name already suggests, Thopise wants to help you fight aging.

An essential ingredient is the diamond powder. Diamonds are very precious gems, for various reasons.

One reason is the effect of diamond powder:

the skin gets a gentle, but very profound peeling, and the reflective particles provide a bright appearance.

In other words it’s the diamond powder that keeps your skin soft and moisturized.

Due the combination of Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids, the ‘Sensing Youth’ products are even suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Due its subtle and pleasant smell, as well as a nice and creamy structure, Thopise products are an absolute pleasure to use.


What makes Thopise unique, is that it’s absolutely 100% Belgian.

We have the products packed by a company that employs people who have difficulties to find their place in our work society. Because these people love that they’re able to work, they put a lot of love in what they do.

This assures you that your product is packed with an incredible sinecure and of course under human circumstances.

You are special. That’s what Thomas knows about his customers and therefore the selling points are carefully selected.

To make sure that you, as our client, get the care and attention you deserve, we choose to pick only a few selling points in every city.

Hairdressers, pharmacists and beauty salons divide and use Thopise products. At the moment you can find Thopise in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Currently there are even negotiations with a sales point in the United Arab Emirates.

Of course, you can also get Thopise through the website. For questions or comments, there’s even a possibility to have a live chat with Thomas himself.

Thopise also loves to keep in touch with the customers, therefore we’ve designed our hashtag #mythopise, so post your picture, use the hashtag and maybe Thopise will even repost it!


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