Thopise - Multi-lift 50ml - Thopise Belgium
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Thopise – Multi-lift 50ml


  • Infused with diamond powder & ceramide
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  • 3-fold operation
  • Harmful UV-light is absored naturally, damage is neutralized by vitamin A and C
  • High concentration of hyaluronic acid – obvious tightening of the skin
  • 93,09% natural product


Fine lines and sagged skin belong in the past

This cream for neck and cleavage has a 3D effect thanks to a 3-fold operation:

  • Boosts the amount of collagen
  • Collagen quality is thoroughly optimized
  • Protects the skin against collagen decrease caused by sunlight and free radicals.

An essential ingredient is agave oil. The oil causes activation of the ‘fibroblast’, a component of the skin that’s responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid. Due to the combination of hyaluronic acid with the agave oil and ceramides, the skin is optimally hydrated and restored. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid is responsible for an obvious tightening of the skin in your neck and cleavage. Also, the Multi-lift cream contains oil of the Babassupalm, better known as the ‘Tree of Life’. The effect of the oil is mainly a silky-soft skin. Jojoba oil reduces irritation and redness of the skin. Thopise processes both Vitamin A and C in the Multi-Lift cream. Harmful UV light is absorbed naturally, so it can hardly penetrate the skin. The damage caused by the sun is neutralized and the defensive mechanisms are activated.
For a sensual, seductive cleavage.

Directions for use

Apply 2 times a day for ultimate result. Lightly massage into neck, cleavage-area. Excellent for use in conjunction with sun cream.


  • Works 24 hours deep into the skin
  • Obvious tightening
  • Activation fribroblast – Optimal hydratation
  • Silky-soft skin
  • Harmful UV-light absorbed naturally
Additional Information
Weight 50 g

50 ml


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